《品鉴 LUXE》是一个推广尊贵生活方式的平台,它的会员群是对国际化高端生活品质有着极高追求的人群. 同时与全国多家的五星级酒店、高端游艇、私人飞机以及高级座驾车主俱乐部中互动合作。《品鉴 LUXE》的宗旨是向会员传达国际化高端品质生活所相关的最新信息。我们追求全方位的品质生活,从方式到理念,它不仅会带来奢侈品牌的最新产品,更包括贵族教育、医疗、艺术和文化等等。《品鉴 LUXE》通过全方位互动,为高端人群和品牌搭建桥梁,有效的引导和实现高端优质生活:内容-国际化高品质生活方式和产品信息;活动-定期举办VIP活动,让消费者零距离的了解品牌信息;在活动中让现有和未来高端消费者相互影响。

It is a platform about the luxury way of life. Its readers are not only premier club members but also the wealthy that’s after high quality lifestyle. The distribute cooperation with Chinese 5star hotels, high end commercial centers and top drivers and yacht ‘s clubs.Our mission is to bring the latest international luxury lifestyle related information to its readers. We are after quality life, we provide not only luxury brands’ latest information but also prestigious education, health, art, literature and more.We through different ways of interactions, building a bridge for our high end readers and luxury brands, to effectively guide and attain high quality lifestyle:contents - international standard quality lifestyle and product information;events - regular VIP events, to bring brand info to consumer in zero distance; interaction between current and future high end consumers during events ;adverts - high quality brand advert is not only a informational tool but also an art work.